10 Decadent Facts About Oscar Wilde

Literary geniuses are often known for their works and their lifestyles. Some are fabulous playwrights. Others produce novels and smaller books that make them famous. Many are linguists and poets who have a penchant for the odd, the quirky,…

10 Bizarre Stories Behind US State Flags

Each US state has its own flag. They fly over capitols, adorn courtrooms, and appear on everything from bumper stickers to coasters. They’ve become accepted parts of local culture. Few people stop and think about where the designs of these…

10 Border Walls No One Talks About

When we talk of border walls, the first ones that come to mind are the Berlin Wall, the North and South Korea Wall, and the wall that President Donald Trump wants to build along the US border with Mexico. Although Trump’s proposed wall has…

10 Creepiest Letters Penned By Serial Killers

Serial killers are known to be lethal with weapons in their hands, but they can also incite fear with their pens as the following creepy letters have proved. They were written by some of the most notorious and twisted killers in history.…

10 Childhood Warning Signs Of A Serial Killer

Serial killers don’t just come out of nowhere. They often have a history of antisocial behavior throughout infancy and early adolescence. Psychiatrist Dorothy Lewis of New York University concluded that a murderer is made through a lethal…

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