10 Eerie Details About Sawney Bean

Horror stories thrill just about everyone. From monsters to demons and from serial killers to stalkers, nothing gets the blood curdling like a good scary story. But one aspect of horror that churns the stomachs of most people is…

10 Times Dead People Won Elections

Elections are usually the exclusive province of living people. Typically, certain requirements must be met before someone can run for office, such as a minimum age or living in the area one wishes to govern. Having a pulse kind of goes…

Top 10 Surprising New Uses For Foam

In the world of laboratories, foam is not the froth that makes beer look crisp. Appearing as gels, solids, and even at the quantum level, foam is earmarked to improve the lives of humans in remarkable ways. This flexible substance spawns…

10 Viruses That Actually Help Humankind

Virus. The word is usually met with fear and understandably so. These microscopic collections of biological chemicals have been responsible for countless cases of death and sickness. The very mention of a deadly viral pandemic can send…

10 Film Set Feuds

What contributes to the success of the film industry today? Fresh talent and collaboration within the arts. These things play a huge factor in the development of new content as well as revolutionary ideas. When more than one person puts…

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