10 Weirdest Endurance Events

What is something you think you could do forever? Chances are most people reading this can think of at least one activity that they love and/or are quite good at. What’s yours? There might just be a world record for whatever it is you said.…

10 Fascinating Facts About Unusual Memorials

Memorials are not always buildings or stationary objects. Red dresses have swayed outside for missing women, people have turned their loved ones into diamonds, and time travelers could have attended Stephen Hawking’s interment. Monuments…

10 Crazy Ways Thieves Got Caught

In fiction, everyone loves the smooth and subtle criminal who is able to use his wits and finesse to part a fool from his belongings. Of course, in reality, no one likes having their stuff taken, no matter how charming the thief is. Luckily…

10 Hilarious Wildlife Encounters

Everyone has a funny wildlife story or two to tell, and the Internet and social media are always full of “cute” animal posts. After all, animals have always played an important role in our daily lives. There are the domesticated animals…

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