10 Curious Firsts In The History Of Motoring

Automobiles have come a long way since Karl Benz created the first car in 1885. (Karl Benz did not actually invent the car, but we will get to that shortly.) Several features we take for granted in today’s cars were not originally standard.…

Top 10 Ways People Got Paid To Do Nothing

Do you ever dream that you could be paid to do nothing? Instead of being held down by a job, you could read books or surf the web as much as you wanted. Sound impossible? Well, sometimes, the fates align in such a way that people actually…

10 Times Corporations Poisoned People En Masse

Where there is great expansion, there is almost always great decay. This is the way of life, that when things grow, they do so by processes which neglect certain parts of their composition, necessarily leaving behind things which no longer…

10 Weirdest Life Cycles In Nature

Being born is among the hardest things any creature will ever do. Going from a single cell to a fully formed organism ready to face the world is a path we all take. However, no two species face the exact same struggle to be born, and there…

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