10 Of Human History’s Most Atrocious Plagues

The entire span of human history has been an arms race of survival adaptations against diseases which seem to be out to completely destroy us, both as individual organisms and as a collective species. Every time we come up with a new…

10 Popular Dog Breeds And Why They Were Bred

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but that’s because we bred them to be so. And sometimes not. As you are about to find out, we did not breed all dogs to be our companions. Some were bred for work, sport, and even for food. Today, many dogs…

10 Prehistoric Works Of Art And Their Stories

Art is the expression and interpretation of the human imagination in an intelligible way—a way that causes a meaningful conscious experience. Some might argue that without art, life would be meaningless, but without meaning, there would be…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Antarctica

As the fifth-largest continent, you would think that the secrets of Antarctica would be widely known. However, this is not the case. Few know anything worth knowing of the cold continent, but this list is here to change that. Far more than…

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