10 Controversial Depictions Of Jesus

Given how deeply held religious beliefs can be, it is understandable that depictions of figures of faith can be deeply powerful but also highly offensive. There are some religions that do not permit any image of certain prominent figures at…

10 Common Things That Were Once Banned

Some things that we take for granted today used to be illegal. They were banned, even though they were pretty much harmless. Often, those responsible for these laws had motives other than the stated purposes of the bans. The once-banned…

10 Lights That Have Puzzled Science

When you think of strange light phenomena, the first things that likely come to mind are rainbows, aurora borealis, or halos around the Sun. While at any given moment, you’re probably not going to look outside and see any of these things,…

10 Origins Of Common Foods

Food is perhaps one of the most important things in our lives. While some look at it as just a means with which to continue living, others look at it as an art, a reason to broaden their culinary horizons. Whether they view food as…

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