10 People Who Actually Lived With Human Corpses

Most of us think of human corpses as disgusting, creepy things that we would do everything in our power to keep away from. They remind us of our own inevitable mortality as they stare back at us with blank, gazing eyes. But under certain…

10 Very Ungentlemanly Gentlemen’s Clubs

The first gentlemen’s clubs were formed in London in the 17th century for the benefit of the English aristocracy. Opulent surroundings and strict rules of confidentiality about the affairs of the club allowed gentlemen to relax in convivial…

10 Moments In The History Of Witch Trials

Witch hunts and the ensuing witch trials, be they for political or religious reasons, have always been truly dark and nightmarish things. Throughout the history of the world, innocent people, overwhelmingly women, have been interrogated,…

10 Lesser-Known UFO Crash Incidents

Just about everyone reading this has probably heard of alleged UFO crashes like the Roswell incident. Or maybe you’ve even heard of the one at Kecksburg in Pennsylvania, or perhaps the alleged crash in the Black Forest in Germany in 1936.…

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